Protect Your Pets With The Lizzie Initiative

The purpose of this initiative is to adopt guidelines whereby consumers are consistently given all  pharmaceutical information needed for decision making pertaining to the health of their pets and service animals.

When consumers buy goods, instruction manuals are provided without the need to request them. The same does not always apply to the medicines and treatments we give our pets. It is easier to be informed about the nature of machines, radios, and computers than it is about the treatments given to living creatures with a right to live healthy lives, just as humans do.

Many dear veterinarians and specialized animal pharmacists are distinguished professionals with impeccable business practices. However, providing appropriate pharmaceutical information to pet owners or guardians through pharmaceutical literature and counseling is not a consistent practice.

                                              IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE

Pet owners and guardians are consumers covered by consumer protection laws and the principles of The Bill of Consumer Rights, which includes the right to be informed. Therefore, veterinarians and veterinary pharmacists who prescribe, supply and administer medications for pets should be required to provide pharmaceutical literature and counseling on a consistent basis. The same preventative informational procedures used in human pharmacology should apply to the care of pets.

Consistently providing pharmaceutical literature and counseling is a reasonable and simple preventative approach that is often inappropriately missing from the world of veterinary medicine. The Lizzie Initiative For Pet Protection seeks to provide pet owners and guardians the same level of information regarding pet treatments and prescriptions that we as humans receive. The verbal explanations and printouts about warnings, potential risks and side effects that human beings are given prior to being administered drugs or treatments, should also be given to pet owners and guardians to protect our dear pets and animals, to assist in well informed and intelligent decision making.


    The Lizzie Initiative For Pet Protection